Updated October 1, 2006

Welcome to Galtran.com

The Galtran site is Changing!!

Our “Scale Nuts and Bolts” product line, The "Gallery of Transportation" and “Scale 32” products and services will no longer be offered for sale.

 I intend to make Galtran a news and information site concentrating on quality 1/32 scale Gauge 1 railway happenings. There is so little information in English currently available that it is impeding the advancement of the hobby for serious model builders, layout operators and collectors.

All this will take time, so I hope you will check back often. The first item on the priority list is an extensive links page. Next, I want to show the work of the 1/32 scale Gauge 1 community. This will include photos of building projects and layouts. If any of you wish to write a “How To” article, just let me know. I am sure the other readers will enjoy your efforts.

Send your comments or complaints (about my speediness) to bbox@galtran.com


Like scratchbuilt modeling, too? Want to see some interesting techniques? Just click below:

1/32 scale (Gauge 1) PRR L2s USRA Mikado 2-8-2    NEW

 CNC Rivet Embossing Machine  NEW


The Gallery is always interested in sharing information, photos, tips and techniques on quality built models. This includes railways, autos, armor, aircraft, ships... If it's good, we want to show it.  Please send them in.